- Women in Finland to benefit from early detection of osteoporosis

Public mammography screening provider in Finland mobilizes against osteoporosis

The Finnish mammography provider Suomen Radiologikeskus Oy has signed an agreement with the IT and medical technology company Sectra (STO: SECT B) to provide osteoporosis assessment in conjunction with public mammography screening in all of Keskus' nine mammography centers in Finland. Women can choose to have their bone health examined at the same time as having their regular mammogram, thus enabling the early detection of osteoporosis and reducing the risk of future fractures.

Post-menopausal women comprise a risk group for osteoporosis, one of the most painful and costly diseases in the world. In severe cases, osteoporosis can cause fractures which, in turn, can cause great suffering and, at worst, death. The assessment of bone health is made possible by Sectra’s patented online service, Sectra OneScreen.

"Through this commitment, we will extend our preventive health offering to the Finnish population and enable Finnish women to take responsibility for their own bone health," says Jari Juola, CEO at Suomen Radiologikeskus Oy

By offering early detection of osteoporosis, Suomen Radiologikeskus will take more comprehensive responsibility for diagnosing severe diseases in women, while at the same time increasing profitability in diagnostic imaging with high utilization of their mammography equipment in a rapid workflow. Suomen Radiologikeskus will offer osteoporosis assessment to 60,000 women participating in the public mammography screening program in Finland.

Preventive osteoporosis care will result in large savings for society by preventing osteoporosis-related fractures rather than treating the fractures that have already occurred.

Sectra OneScreen will be demonstrated in Sectra's booth 411 at ECR in Vienna.

About Sectra OneScreen

Osteoporosis is a heavily under-diagnosed disease and a simple method for identifying patients requiring treatment is needed. The Sectra OneScreen online service is a cost-efficient solution for identifying patients at risk of osteoporosis. The service is well suited to the mammography workflow. After the four breast images included in the mammography examination, an image of the hand is acquired using the same radiology equipment. Since the woman is already standing by the modality, this adds no more than 30 seconds to the examination time. With the standard X-ray image of the hand, the women's bone health (Bone Mineral Density, BMD) is analyzed using Sectra's online service.

Clinics in Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, France, the UK and the US provide Sectra OneScreen in conjunction with mammography examinations.

Benefits women, mammography clinics and society

The benefits of using Sectra's online service to identify patients at risk of osteoporosis include:

About osteoporosis

Source: International Osteoporosis Foundation www.iofbonehealth.org


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