- B.T. Expo Shomed: more than a thousand visitors attended the two-day trade fair dedicated to the biomedical sector

There were also attendees from Great Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands.

The event, held in the Modena Exhibition Centre, ended on a positive note. Momoli: "This was an excellent starting point for the further development of subsequent expos". Innovation is driven by sensors. In Modena, 8.7% of job advertisements are for positions in this sector.

MODENA, Wednesday, 5 October 2022 - The development of sensor systems for biomedical equipment, utilising artificial intelligence to aggregate results, and pushing forward the frontiers of research for a better quality of life. These are some of the topics that were covered today, Wednesday, October 5th, during the second and final day of B.T. Expo Shomed, an event dedicated to the biomedical technology sector, held in the Modena Exhibition Centre in Viale Virgilio. The event closed its doors and is being updated for 2023, with the merger of the two main biomedical sector events in the province of Modena, and the expansion of enterprises operating in this sector, with a particular focus on those in Emilia and the district of Mirandola. Over the two days of the event more than a thousand visitors came from all over Italy and abroad, in particular from Germany, Great Britain, and the Netherlands, to check out the companies, research bodies, start-ups, and other businesses that are part of a sector that in Italy, it is worth remembering, generates 16.2 billion euros a year in exports and domestic sales. There are now 4,546 companies operating in the sector, employing 112,534 people (source: Confindustria Dispositivi Medici). 

In the morning, the conference was dedicated to the theme "Health and Innovation, showcasing advanced technology and new development opportunities", promoted by the technical and scientific committee of B.T. Expo Shomed, coordinated by Professor Francesco Leali, a professor of the "Enzo Ferrari" Department of Engineering of Unimore. The talk was very well attended. Some excellent companies operating in the biomedical sector were discussed, such as Mirandola's Technopole Mario Veronesi (TPM) research centre. 

"We are working hard on the development of sensors for devices that circulate blood outside the body, manufactured by companies in the Biomedical District", explained Alberto Ferrari, a researcher in the "Enzo Ferrari" Engineering Department and head of Mirandola Technopole's Materials Sensors and Systems Laboratory. "We also verify the metrological performance of the machines that are used in invasive and risky therapies for patients, which require a series of physiological parameters to be monitored to prevent problems arising in the operation of the machine that may be hazardous to the life of the patient. In addition, we are continuing to carry out research into bioprinting."

Another discussion was on the availability of training in the universities. In particular, we talked about the three-year Human Centred Biomedical Systems Engineering course in Verona, run in collaboration with the Universities of Scala, Trento, and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Unimore). "The university’s initiative is very impressive and interesting, because it focuses on the person and their health". These are the words of Giandomenico Nollo, professor of Bioengineering at the University of Trento's Department of Industrial Engineering. "It's not just about technology anymore; it's about taking a holistic approach. We are trying to train a new generation of engineers with this vision. The three-year course, which is now in its second year, has shown some impressive numbers: there are always over 200 students enrolled. After the three-year course, we will launch the master's degree course." The degree course also has close ties with the city of Mirandola, in which Tecnopolo recently held a Summer Camp. 

Finally, the afternoon was dedicated to a discussion of the skills that the biomedical sector now needs from those applying for jobs in the sector. ART-ER, a consortium company of Emilia-Romagna, founded to promote sustainable growth through innovation, presented data from their "Skills Intelligence" research. Using a tool that scrapes the data from online job advertisements, and using "big data" technology, it was possible to calculate that, in Modena and its province, 8.7% of job advertisements were related to health and well-being. The most popular professions, according to the ART-ER research, are engineering specialists (29.3% of advertisements), pharmacists (15.5%), health and nursing specialists (12%), and management and industrial and engineering positions (6.8%). 

"We are very satisfied with the result obtained by this first BTExpo – Shomed", was the closing comment of Marco Momoli, the CEO of ModenaFiere. "We want to consider this as just the starting point for the future growth of this event. We know that the path ahead will demand a lot of commitment and investment on our part over the next few years. However, it is a challenge that stimulates us and that we are ready to face together with all the partners that have supported us in this journey so far. We are convinced that this team can achieve increasingly ambitious goals, starting next year".

The organisation of B.T. Expo Shomed, involved ModenaFiere, a company in the BolognaFiere group, along with Paolo Poggioli and Marco Bergamini, with extensive experience in the biomedical sector, CNA, Confindustria Dispositivi Medici, Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, LAPAM Confartigianato Modena, and Confimi Industria Sanità. Finally, for the Scientific Committee, the support of research centres, such as the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the Democenter-Sipe Foundation, and the structure of the Tecnopolo Mario Veronesi (TPM) in Mirandola is essential.





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