- LT40: Special drive for numerous applications

Developed for OEM applications, the LT40 direct-drive piezo motor fulfills numerous requirements while allowing ease of integration. The powerful motor, which functions based on the inverse piezoelectric principle, features high speeds, zero backlash and a nanometer resolution.

The Piezo LEGS® technology used in motors from PiezoMotor creates motions in the nanometer or even sub-nanometer range. Ceramic legs arranged in pairs, known as Piezo LEGS®, lengthen or curve sideways when voltage is applied to them. This motion drives a rod with a length between 40 and 100.8 mm. Since the rod is always held by a pair of legs, the locking requires no additional power. With dimensions of 32.1 x 24.2 x 23.1 mm and a weight of only 61 grams with a 50 mm drive rod, the motor is therefore ideal for move-and-hold applications.

Outstanding precision, high speeds and fast response times are the positive properties of this direct drive with a holding force of 40 newtons. Other advantages are long lifetime and suitability for use in magnetic and vacuum environments. PiezoMotor offers numerous drivers and controllers, from simple push-button drivers to drivers with analog input and microstep controllers, which enable a precise closed loop positioning. Use of proprietary drivers is no problem either and it is supported by PiezoMotor’s development engineers.

For example, scanners used in pathology have achieved unprecedented precision and speed with the help of the LT40. Zero backlash and short response times enable substantially faster scanning times and higher sample processing rates. These features, in combination with the high resolution, made it possible to develop scanners that have given new impetus to the digital pathology market.

PiezoMotor will soon launch a miniaturized linear motor with the size of a thumbnail, which has the potential to revolutionize other medical applications such as insulin pumps or point-of-care diagnostics.

High power and precision: The LT40 achieves a holding force of 40 newtons and microsteps in the sub-nanometer range. Photo: PiezoMotor

About PiezoMotor
The Swedish company PiezoMotor Uppsala AB is a worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of micromotors on the basis of piezoelectric materials. The motors, which are marketed globally, feature high precision, a compact design, and suitability for use in magnetic environments. At the company headquarters in Sweden PiezoMotor has its own development and production facilities with 35 employees. The company, which was established in 1998 and is the owner of 60 patents, serves customers in the areas of diagnosis, the semiconductor industry and photometry.



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