- 2021. This year, OR Technology celebrates the company's 30th anniversary.

About 30 years ago, the history of OR Technology began with an idea in a living room in Rostock – a vision was born, nurtured with high quality standards, professional competence and cooperation based on partnership.

What today would be called a start-up company has developed over the past 30 years from an initial 2 employees to an international, leading provider of X-ray and image management solutions with more than 70 employees and customers in over 120 countries.

"We celebrate our 30th company anniversary with what sets us apart: Entrepreneurship and a clear view of the present and future. We are proud of our success which we owe to those who believed in us and trusted us - first and foremost our employees, but also our partners all over the world and, of course, last but not least our loyal customers."

The history of OR Technology is closely linked to the development of medical technology over the last three decades. Many milestones pave the exciting and instructive path to the present day:

In 1991, the company was founded in Rostock. While OR started in 1996 with the installation of the first digital X-ray system including PACS in a Bavarian doctor's practice, the company can now look back with gratitude and confidence on several thousands of installed systems in over 120 countries.

With a customer-oriented corporate strategy, innovative ideas and a consistent quality policy, Oehm and Rehbein has grown from a provider of practice management systems in Germany to a globally active system house for medical technology.

OR Technology is proud of its worldwide partner network and its internationally recognised expertise as a manufacturer of digital X-ray solutions and developer of image management systems.

In the previous decades, both the international presence on all seven continents and the product portfolio have expanded to include the fields of veterinary medicine, security and industry.

The company's own product developments in the software and hardware sectors, such as the construction of digital X-ray equipment at the main location in Rostock, are pioneering developments for the future.

A second company building is being constructed at the Rostock headquarters in Neptunallee to create space for the constantly growing group of employees and to provide room for new projects and product developments.

Thanks to the firm foundation built on 30 years of partnership, focus on quality and professional competence, OR looks forward to the future with a clear vision. The company's sense for international trends will help it keep pace in the age of digitalisation.

You can find detailed information about our company in our image brochure or on our website.

About OR Technology
OR Technology has been producing digital X-ray technology and developed image management systems since 1991. Our in-house solutions are being used successfully in hospitals, radiology and private practices in over 120 countries. Our portfolio ranges from DR retrofits for existing X-ray systems (X-ray imaging without cassettes), and CR systems (X-ray imaging with cassettes) to the mobile DR detector suitcase solution for outdoor use (e.g. on ships and oil rigs, in remote locations or disaster management).


OR Technology
(Oehm und Rehbein GmbH)

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