- “Third Dimension” of a Trade Fair

2020 has quickly gone from a promising year for the trade events industry into one of the most damaging, and the estimated recovery period has already shifted back several times.
There is a different account every day of what the future looks like. One day a vaccine will be available in September, the next in 18 months. The most challenging aspect is that nobody really knows, unless we don’t experience some breakthrough announcement like a vaccine, herd immunity or cure, in the next two or three weeks.

In this terribly confusing scenario, Infodent International has been working hard to support its dental industry with digital visibility. Initially scheduled for end of year, we have promptly implemented our Smart Medical Fair platform, by giving our customers the support of a virtual trade fair, open all year round. Whenever we will go back to normal activities, or whatever the future might bring, our virtual trade fair will be there to support the industry. Our digital experience is not meant to replace “face-toface” events and interactions, essential for business, but rather enhance them, prolonging the marketing time to discover a brand, instead of rushing buyers at a trade show event. 

At present, dental trade shows have either been canceled entirely or pushed back to later in the year, with only a few making the leap to virtual. Educational sessions, conferences and seminars are making a relatively smooth transition to virtual as there is quite a lot of precedent for content-driven formats online already, but trade shows are arguably one of the most challenging events to virtualize. They are very sensory in nature, you use all five senses to feel and experience them, whether that is examining a new product or shaking someone’s hand to build a relationship. They are built entirely around the in-person experience, including people’s ability to walk around from one booth to the next and engage in constant, often unplanned interactions with both exhibitors and each other. Attendees might happen to find a new supplier next to the booth they were originally planning to visit. 

Of course, certain product demos can also be scheduled and conducted virtually, and online events offer many opportunities to increase sponsorship and branding, extending their reach outside the show floor. Similarly, virtual events hinder exhibitors’ ability to hand out tangible samples or branded products, and many attendees may find it necessary to physically see or try a product before they agree to a sale. Exhibitors will nevertheless face new advantages in a virtual format as they will save a lot of money while capturing focused customers with unlimited world visibility; they may also feel more comfortable managing the experience through their own online channels, where they will have more control over presentation and potentially less direct competition within an existing space or platform of people. 

When looking at the pros and cons, it’s not likely that virtual trade shows will take over live events anytime soon. But, if done as an augmented part of an in-person event, the blending of face-to-face and online interaction can certainly help to expand the audience reached. A hybrid third dimension is what we believe in. Taking the best that the technology has to offer while retaining all the benefits of face-to-face interaction. There is an opportunity for both sides to learn from each other.

Smart Medical Fair wants to focus on the time-period the selling of a product remains open online. A typical trade show lasts three to five days and is held in a specific location, our exhibitors can extend their visibility anytime during the year and all over the globe by constantly changing, adjusting and updating their virtual booth space, showcasing products and novelties to a selected remote audience, in line with our core business of connecting dental manufacturers with dental dealers worldwide.




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