- Phibo Group producing parts for hospital ventilators to assist in the fight against Covid-19

• The Phibo Group is donating everything it produces to the healthcare service.
• Joint initiative with the Industrial Engineering Association of Barcelona and the Official Medical Association of Barcelona.
• 3DZ Spain and 3Dresyns are selflessly working on production alongside the Phibo Group.
• The process is completed in a Primary Care Centre which coordinates the delivery of the equipment.

Barcelona, 26 March 2020 - The Phibo Group, a groundbreaking Spanish multinational in the manufacture of CAD/CAM dental prostheses, has allocated its 3D production centre in Sentmenat, Barcelona to work on the production of components for ICU and intubation ventilators, protective visors and N95 masks, to help assist healthcare workers in the crisis caused by Covid-19. The Phibo Group is donating this equipment to help combat this difficult situation caused by the health alert.

In this initiative it is collaborating with the Industrial Engineering Association of Barcelona and the Official Medical Association of Barcelona and they are working together with the companies 3DZ Spain and 3Dresyns.

The official associations are involved in the process of designing and identifying the needs of the parts, while the companies 3DZ Spain, a distributor of 3D printers, scanners and software, 3Dresyns, a company that specialises in the design of biocompatible and functional resins for 3D printing and the Phibo Group are working together to produce the parts. In Barcelona, a Primary Care Centre is coordinating the receipt and delivery of the equipment once it is prepared for use in hospitals.

By doing this we are working to help meet the significant increase in demand for ventilators, visors and masks as a result of the Covid-19 health alert. The equipment is certified by the competent health authorities.

About 3DZ Spain
3DZ Spain is part of the 3DZ group, Europe's largest distributor of 3D printers, scanners and software. Present in Spain for 2 years, it has four offices: Barcelona, Bilbao, Levante and Madrid.

About 3Dresyns
Under its brand name 3Dresyns, Resyner Technologies is an innovative company that specialises in the design of biocompatible and functional 3D resins for 3D printing on stereolithography (SLA) and inkjet 3D printers. It provides the largest range of 3D resins available on the global market and it is a groundbreaker in the development of biocompatible materials that are harmless to health, free of irritating monomers and free of irritating, harmful and toxic raw materials.

About Phibo Group
The Phibo Group is a company that provides integrated odontological solutions which was established in 1986, with the name Implandent. It became Phibo in 2011 and launched an internationalisation plan. The company specialises in implantology solutions, the manufacture of CAD/CAM prostheses and digitisation solutions and has an 8,500 m2 technology centre in Barcelona engaged in R&D, industrial production and training. Phibo operates in 17 markets, mainly in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Chile. Since 2018, the capital venture fund Nazca Capital has held a majority stake in the company, with the García Sabán brothers still holding large stakes and sitting on the multinational's board of directors. Phibo is a leader in the digital transformation of the dental sector.



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