- A New Generation of Face Masks from Switzerland

Launch Announcement: AVEVITTA Protect Triple Action Face Masks by SANKOM Switzerland

13.03.2020 Switzerland - SANKOM is excited to announce the global launch of Avevitta, a triple action face mask that will protect adults and children from viruses as small as 0.3 micron in size, bacteria, dust, pollution, smoke and pollen.

SANKOM’s main goal has always been to develop a functional, high quality, durable products that are not only comfortable to use but also improve your health.

Most reusable face masks available today, only filter out particles that are 2.5 microns or larger.

And some of the most harmful particles are the smallest. Pollutants, bacteria, viruses and toxic smoke particles pass through PM 2.5 filters seamlessly, and end up directly in your lungs.

Avevitta Protect Face Masks use a filter that filters particles up to 10 times smaller.

The Avevitta filter capabilities are so fine, you can’t even see the filtration capabilities compared to a grain of sand.

“Our technology is designed to purify the air and thus protects not only elderly but also children and pregnant women with the immunity which is more sensitive to viruses and pollution.” said Dr. Mazourik, the founder and developer of Avevitta Mask.

There are currently worldwide shortages of masks, and especially those at risk need solutions to protect themselves as best as possible.

“Hundreds of millions of disposable masks are being used every day, so we wanted to develop a solution that is efficient, but also reusable, durable and eco-concious. “

The Avevitta mask is washable over 100 times without losing its shape or efficiency. It is made from a combination of natural patented high-quality, and eco-friendly fabric. We have also designed the packaging to be 100% recyclable to minimize our impact on the planet.

The replaceable filters in our masks have very high performance, and contain no toxic substances, and can be replaced every 2-4 weeks. The reusable mask also provides proven anti-bacterial protection.  


Avevitta masks will be available in two models and two sizes. And will soon be available in a variety of colors and for children.

In the coming months, Avevitta Triple action Masks will be rolled out across Europe and the Middle East.

The Avevitta masks will be available in pharmacies, supermarkets, airports, kiosks, petrol stations, malls and hospitals.

If you would like to receive more information on the Avevitta Protect Triple Action Face Masks, please contact us at info@sankom.com




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