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radprax wants to replace sending reports via fax and burning CDs for the referrers with the medavis Referrer Portal.

"Pioneer spirit for patients". This is how one of the biggest radiological service providers with twelve sites called its quality campaign in 2017. The keywords were progress, service and quality. The first principle reflects in the fact that the imaging center constantly invests into modern large-scale equipment. The service is also continuously checked in a strict way– both for patients and employees. „Above everything stands the quality regarding treatment and processes,” says Stegemann who is a member of the radprax management board.

An important process is the communication with the referrers. radprax has about 6500 and about 1000 of them are responsible for most referrals. The project responsible Stegemann says that the medavis referrer portal plays a central role in this: “The portal helps us to design our processes more efficiently in terms of image and report transmission – for the benefit of both sides. Our colleagues get their important documents faster and we save time and money.”

As the medavis referrer portal is a complete online solution, no additional systems have to be installed and administered. This makes the start easier. „The usage is very easy,” Stegemann attests the portal good usability.

The workflow for the doctor at radprax does not change. He creates his report as usual in the Radiology Information System (RIS). Via HL7 interface and an integration with the VISUS web viewer (radprax does not use medavis RIS), the referring colleague has access to images and reports in the portal. If desired, he receives a notification via e-mail.

The only alternative would be the electronic physician letter via KV Connect of the German Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. “The implementation is quite complex however and carries costs for the integration in the practice information system,” Stegemann points out. “Due to the higher effort with the electronic physician letter and the good experience with medavis, we prefer the referrer portal.”

About radprax
The radprax group is a medical service provider who operates medical care centers and a hospital.
The medical care centers of the radprax group offer services in the departments radiology, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, cardiology and interventional radiology. They offer care both to outpatients and inpatients in the radiological imaging centers in hospitals. With more than 400,000 patient examinations per year, including 130,000 MRI examinations, radprax is one of the largest and most modern care centres in the field of imaging diagnostics and image-supported therapy in Germany. Approximately 70 specialists and about 350 highly qualified medical technical employees ensure the best possible patient care at the currently 12 radprax sites in Wuppertal, Solingen, Hilden, Düsseldorf, Münster, Arnsberg, Meschede and Plettenberg.
The radprax hospital Plettenberg with its senior citizen’s center is also part of the radprax group. It is an institution that provides basic and regular care and has 140 beds and about 450 employees. The medical emphasis lies on accicent and orthopedic surgery with endoprothetics, general and abdominbal surgery, gastroenterology, conservative cardiology and geriatrics. The radprax group belongs with 850 employees to the most important medical service providers in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

About medavis
For 23 years, medavis as an owner-managed middle-sized company has been THE specialist on the market for innovative radiology workflow solutions.
By now, the future-oriented medavis RIS is one of the most innovate radiology workflow solutions worldwide. The program owes this not least to its speed, well thought out workflows and its stability.

With modular and scalable applications, medavis can connect imaging centers with each other and with referrers across sites and provide an extensive, fast and secure information flow. With medavis, radiologists increase the speed and efficiency in their patient care.

Beyond the usual radiological workflows, medavis offers unlimited information flow with its web-based communication platform - also across sites - from the referrer portal up to teleradiology.
Further information at www.medavis.de


medavis GmbH

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Head of Marketing

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