- Help for Patients with Nickel Allergies

Very First Implantation of VASCULOY® Stents

Sarstedt, February 11, 2020 - Up to now, it hasn't been possible for patients with nickel allergies to use nickel-free metal implants. This year, MeKo will present the latest evolution of its innovative VASCULOY® alloy at the T4M in Stuttgart in booth #9A01.

The first 36 stents made of VASCULOY® were implanted in January at a specialized center for cardiology in Bangalore, India. "We see a great need in this area, and are giving medical companies the opportunity to implement their ideas, using a material that's well-tolerated by all patients," explained MeKo owner Dr. Meyer-Kobbe.

While many areas of application have already focused on using nickel-free alloys, up to now there has not been a suitable material for implants. A nickel allergy can lead to complications such as an increased rate of restenosis with implanted stents.

With VASCULOY®, MeKo has developed an alloy which is not only free of nickel, but also free of cobalt. What's special about the alloy are its mechanical properties, which are comparable to the conventional material L605 and superior to 316L (316LVM). That makes it possible for MeKo customers to convert their existing products to VASCULOY® without great expense.

For more information, visit our website at www.MeKo.de.

VASCULOY is Similar to Conventional Alloys Both Visually and Mechanically

About MeKo Laser Material Processing
MeKo is a global ISO-certified contract manufacturer specialized in laser material processing for the medical industry. The company has more than 25 years of experience, particularly in the field of laser cutting of stents, heart valve frames and other medical products made of metal (NiTi, VASCULOY®, 316L (316LVM), L605) or bioresorbable materials (RESOLOY® / Mg, polymers).
MeKo offers a variety of post-processes such as mechanical workmanship, annealing and electro-polishing.
Owner: Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Ök. Clemens Meyer-Kobbe
Foundation: 1991
Employees: More than 200


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