- Groundbreaking New Sensational Solution for Diabetic Feet and Sore/Swollen Feet

One of the world’s pioneers in liquid footwear have recently gained reimbursement status at the NHS in the UK for its truly sensational invention: A liquid footbed insole. The invention has obtained two European and four American patents. The insole has a number of flow channels within the bladder in order to obtain directional stability and improved pressure distribution during prolonged standing and walking. In the north of the heel is one flow channel so as to allow liquid to accumulate in the heel during instep. In the midfoot is a flow channel substantially matching the longitudinal arch, in the forefoot channel to match the flow of liquid to the transverse metatarsal arch.

The liquid insole invention has two major applications: (1) prevention of ulceration under diabetic feet and (2) relief of sore, tired, aching and lightly swollen feet (similar to compression stockings). The liquid insoles have been scientifically tested and the results are published in the British Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease. The test showed the ability of the liquid insoles to prevent ulceration under diabetic feet and to improve the venous return from the foot via improved mmHg (Tcp02-test)

Recently, the company has developed a range of therapeutic comfort shoes with said liquid insoles fitted inside as a removable insole. It is the first time ever in the world that liquid shoes with proven benefits have been launched. The liquid insoles have also been empirically tested by the Occupational & Safety departments at large companies, such as Arla Goods and Coop, results showing relief of sore, swollen feet during prolonged standing and walking. Manufacturing is made in western Europe according to ISO 9000 standards, both shoes and liquid insoles are CE-registered according to EU directive 93/42

See www.diabetes-einlagen.de.

(1) Pressure Diagram: The pressure distribution of one test person WITHOUT insoles to the right, and WITH Liquid insoles to the left.

(2) In the north of the heel is one flow channel in order to facilitate that the liquid accumulates in the heel area during instep and leaves the heel into the midfoot at a low flow rate. In the midfoot the design is made so as to form a substantially longitudinal arch of liquid flow, in the forefoot area a number of flow channels so as to match the flow to the transverse metatarsal arch. The purpose is to match the flow of liquid to the anatomical structure of a normal foot so as to provide improved pressure distribution and directional stability during walking and standing.

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