Multi Radiance - Drug-free pain relief with the power of light: Leading laser therapy manufacturer seeks to grow the business in Brazil and South America

United States-based leading laser therapy device manufacturer Multi Radiance Medical (MRM) is looking for interested distributors and rehabilitation clinics to add super pulsed laser therapy devices that use multiple wavelengths of light and a magnetic field to relieve pain and accelerate recovery from injury.

As opioid use grows globally, clinicians and patients are looking for alternative pain relief methods to potentially dangerous prescription opioids. Multi Radiance laser therapy offers an FDA-cleared and ANVISA-approved safe, clinically proven effective patient pain management option without drugs or side effects.

Multi Radiance Medical has established partnership with IOM Supplies based in Caxias do Sul - RS, Brazil as the exclusive agent which handles product importation, distribution and marketing.

Multi Radiance super pulsed laser therapy devices are indicated for relief of acute and chronic pain, arthritis pain, muscle or joint pain, muscle spasm and stiffness, promoting the relaxation of muscle tissue and temporarily increasing local blood circulation. The company offers both clinical and at-home models.

MRM recently released a compendium of over 20 peer-reviewed research abstracts and case studies on Multi Radiance laser therapy. The company is currently involved in over 30 clinical trials testing the efficacy and safety of its technology that will eventually be added to the compendium to continue to grow the evidence that MRM technology works.

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About Multi Radiance Medical
Multi Radiance Medical develops and manufactures ANVISA-cleared super pulsed laser therapy devices for treating chronic and acute pain, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, and other conditions without drugs or side effects. The technology is used by clinicians in over 30 countries and is the equipment of choice for over 90 professional, college, national and Olympic teams in the United States.

About IOM Supplies
IOM Supplies Medical Equipment is a renowned company that markets, manufactures, imports and exports supplies, accessories and equipment for the medical / hospital area in Brazil. Founded in 2012, IOM Supplies has the largest and most complete line of equipment for sports medicine, physiotherapy, orthopedics and neurology in the market. IOM Supplies values quality and safety and works only with brands that have scientific studies validating their technologies, in addition to all regulatory body records., ph. +55 (11) 45636700 Instagram @iomsupplies



Multi Radiance Media Contact

Tom Kelly

+1 440-542-0761 ext. 112




Via Dell'industria, 65
01100 Viterbo - Italy
T +39 0761 352198
F +39 0761 352133
VAT: IT01612570562

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