Multi Radiance - Innovations in pain relief and faster healing: Veterinary laser therapy manufacturer to meet potential distributors at PET VET event August 21-23



United States-based laser therapy device manufacturer Multi Radiance Medical (MRM) invites interested distributors to visit Booth #VA27 at the upcoming PET VET event in Brazil to learn about adding super pulsed laser therapy devices for veterinary professionals to aid with pain relief, wound healing, inflammation control, and other common conditions in veterinary medicine.

MRM super pulsed laser therapy technology combines three proven wavelengths of infrared, red and blue light emitted in extremely fast pulses without creating unwanted heat. This gives veterinarians and technicians a safe, effective way to relieve pain and heal wounds that won’t overheat tissue on animals of all sizes or skin pigmentations. The blue light wavelength acts as a bactericidal to kill infections and prevent antibiotic resistance.

The company recently launched the new 200Watts ACTIVet PRO LaserShower cordless device. The high peak power allows for faster treatment times and the 30cm² emitter covers a wider area for more efficiently treating larger dogs and horses.

Other popular devices include the 50Watts ACTIVet PRO clinical model, and the 25Watts ACTIVet and 15Watts My Pet Laser commonly used for renting to clients for at-home treatments on companion animals and horses. These models are also compatible with MRM’s acupuncture, trigger points and utility probes that focus light to a smaller, targeted point and facilitate acupuncture without needles or breaking the skin.

There are over 4,000 published research studies on the efficacy and safety of low level laser therapy for pain relief, recovery, wound healing and more. MRM recently published a compendium of over 20 research abstracts and case studies utilizing MRM technology, and the company is currently involved in over 30 clinical trials worldwide.

To learn more about Multi Radiance Medical and become a distributor, please visit Booth #VA27 at PET VET Brazil on August 21-23, 2019 or visit or  


About Multi Radiance Medical
Multi Radiance Medical develops and manufactures FDA-cleared safe super pulsed laser therapy devices for pain relief, wound healing, reducing inflammation, and other common conditions in veterinary medicine. Thousands of veterinary professionals use Multi Radiance technology to treat their companion, equine and exotic animals in private practices, stables, zoos, animal rescues and shelters around the world. 



Multi Radiance Media Contact

Tom Kelly

+1 440-542-0761 ext. 112




Via Dell'industria, 65
01100 Viterbo - Italy
T +39 0761 352198
F +39 0761 352133
VAT: IT01612570562

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