- Progress in Medicine Presented at at Bulmedica / Buldental Exhibition 2018

More than 250 innovations in practice will be awaiting the experts at Inter Expo Center from 16 to 18 May

New products and technologies in medical practice expect the specialists of the leading international exhibition Bulmedica / Buldental from 16 to 18 May 2018 at Inter Expo Center. This year, the medical profile of the exhibition will focus on the progress in imaging, physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine. Once again Bulmedica/Buldental will be a platform to keep an eye on the tendencies, a meeting point of professionals and a space for the companies to present the latest products in the sector.

This year more than 200 companies will have direct exhibitors from Bulgaria and abroad to present more than 870 brands from 50 countries. International exhibitors from the UK, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, China, India, Taiwan, Pakistan, Romania, Italy, Switzerland, France, Greece, Holland, Turkey, Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary and systems for the modernization of the industry. The specialists will be acquainted with the latest trends and over 250 innovations from the medical and dental practice, as was announced by the organizers from Inter Expo Center. Thanks to the extensive program with demonstrations, seminars, practical courses, the novelties can become open and applicable in Bulgaria.

The new technologies - portable and faster

New technologies are portable and faster than ever. A new Point-of-care testing platform (POCT) uses a revolutionary design that provides fast and reliable measurement. All that is required for the test is simply transferring the blood to the test cassette (without dilution, no liquid reagents). The initial test portfolio includes biomarkers for heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, renal failure, and more.

A new generation of portable ultrasound device for all clinical directions SonoScape E1 delivers the highest image quality in its class. All the best performance from the 3D technology can be seen from innovative x-ray units by global brands. Experts will also discover the world's fastest ankle-brachial index (ABI) measurement device. Reliable and accurate results are received in just one minute.

A few correct steps ahead of physiotherapy

To help relieve pain, strengthen the immune system and stimulate refreshing processes throughout the body, you can get help from the BIOPTRON Light Therapy System. The medical device emits light similar to a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum naturally emitted by the sun, but without ultraviolet radiation.

At Bulmedica / Buldental, specialists will learn more details about the successful oxygen therapy of the world's leading provider of health-care cosmetic products based on Nu Science corp oxygen. The full range of Cellfood products help reduce the excess of free radicals by 27%, help detoxify the body and pH balancing. The free radicals are also identified by scientists as the prime cause of many of the worst diseases (including cancer).

At Bulmedica / Buldental, the first Bulgarian electrotherapy apparatus with low and medium frequency currents will be available. Mobile ultrasound for physiotherapy at 1 and 3 MHz by the German company ZIMMER is of outstanding quality, making it the preferred product. Modern medicine could hardly work so successfully without new steam sterilization technologies.

The progress of aesthetic medicine

This is a special place for the aesthetics medicine, the organizers say. Progress in this area has increased the interest in introducing more new products. The high-tech, integrated, permanent laser epilation system by the Japanese manufacturer Fotora achieves the safest and largest laser epilation so far. Cryopen – the cryotherapy innovation is a brilliant device for treating all skin defects quickly and effectively without damaging healthy tissue. The latest rejuvenation solutions will also be coming to the exhibition.

Precision printers with excellent print quality and contrast for photos and movies complement the high professionalism of professionals. A hybrid model by Sony, for

Medicine goes "smart"

Smart technologies in medicine are becoming more and more applicable. The SIMO professional medical and dental software that is under development manages medical practicing. It organizes patient data, stores all results, studies, but also helps to reduce costs and effectively manage the medical team. The easybook.bg web platform is a complete solution for on-line bookings of services offered in the categories of health, beauty, business and more. The platform has software for managing services offered by the medical practice, employee schedules, and patients contacts.

A variety of vitamins and food supplements will expand the positive approach towards health. For the first time in Bulgaria we will see products with hemp extract with a high concentration of the cannabidiol substance by Deep Nature Project GmbH. The specialists also recommend it for epilepsy, neuroprotection, neurodegenerative diseases, cerebral and myocardial ischemia, for controlling inflammation and pain; psoriasis, diabetes, etc. During the exhibition, there will be consultants who will provide advice on how to keep a healthy lifestyle.

For yet another consecutive year- five vouchers BGN 2000 each

All new products and technologies from Bulmedica / Buldental are designed to improve the medical practice and are in the name of the patient. "We continue the tradition of our annual awards," the organizers announced. For the sixth time, the traditional five vouchers will be distributed, each worth BGN 2,000. After completing a special questionnaire, any specialist having attended the exhibition may be among the winners. The winners will be able to use the vouchers to buy equipment and supplies from Bulmedica / Buldental 2018 exhibitors.

You can learn more info about the news and the program of Bulmedica / Buldental at www.bulmedica.bg




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