- Ahead of the Disease... Innovative In-home Breast Examination System which will allow Women to take their Breasts’ Health into their Hands

Warsaw, 13.03.2018 - Braster, the in-home breast examination system, has the potential to become an important element of early breast cancer detection for women of all ages, and to be a valuable complement to screening, especially for those below 50 years of age.

Statistics on breast cancer are alarming. According to estimations by the WHO, breast cancer accounts for 25.1% of all cancers in women around the world. High mortality rates could be easily lowered if cancer is detected at a very early stage. This is why it is high time to change women’s attitudes and think about what can be done to reinforce the “vigilance system”.

This is where Braster can help. What is Braster? Braster is a medical device that allows women to monitor their breasts’ health on a monthly basis at the comfort of their homes. The accompanying, intuitive mobile app not only guides the user through the test process, but also sends thermographic images to Braster’s telemedical center, where they are analyzed by a system of automatic interpretation (Braster AI) and double-checked by medical experts.

Here you can see a short promo video of Braster: https://youtu.be/jAcWhLao9L8

In only fifteen minutes women can have a pain- and radiation-free breast exam. The efficacy of the Braster System has been proven in observational studies. The sensitivity and specificity of this System amount to 81.5% and 87%, respectively, in women aged less than 50. What is also very important is that Braster detects changes as tiny as 3 mm, whereas palpation allows for detection of tumors above 1 cm.

The Braster System enables the detection of any thermal changes occurring in a breast, which often indicate the emergence and development of a tumour. The system records any areas of increased temperature and, subsequently, keeps searching for various types of asymmetry in the breast images. The presence of such asymmetries may suggest pathological lesions.

Please refer to this video to see how Braster works: https://youtu.be/murUpQEmXlI

If detected at an early stage, breast cancer is almost 100% curable. Checks performed by the Braster System complement available diagnostic methods. As doctors emphasize, there are no methods that guarantee a fully adequate diagnosis; it is therefore very important to combine them and thereby increase the likelihood of early detection of pathological changes.


About Braster:

Braster S.A. is a Polish company that has developed an innovative device for credible and safe examination of women’s breasts at home. Braster provides the opportunity to detect worrying changes at a very early stage, thus increases chances of a less invasive treatment and a faster recovery.





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