- Kinidex Technology as a New Vision at Modern Rehabilitation

The results of population studies show a high level of primary incidence of stroke: for example, up to 18 million stroke cases are recorded in the world every year, as a result of which more than 5 million people die. Out of the survivors, up to 75% remain socially disabled with disabilities which require constant assistance in the face of significant motor disorders. The leading role in the restoration of lost motor functions is assigned to neurorehabilitation programs aimed at correction of: 1) muscle strength and elasticity; 3) static and dynamic coordination; 4) volume of articular kinematics; 5) support function; 6) motivational component.

Our company found the solution of the existing problem in the following. On the one hand, we developed KiNiDEX Technology in the form of a multifunctional robot for medical rehabilitation of patients with movement and coordination disorders. On the other hand, we support a new methodological approach includes verticalization, continuous passive motion therapy, gait and coordination training as Dr. Luka Therapy based on the use of Kinidex Exercise Machine.

Kinidex Machine is able to model the whole spectrum of human biomechanics with complex synthesis of upper and lower extremities. Kinidex stimulates the muscle and joint receptors by physiological active-passive movements and methodically programs more than 20 patterns of habitual movements.

Dr. Luka Therapy works as a unified system of methodical programming of habitual movements through the vestibular, proprioceptive and visual sensory systems. Thus, movement disorders lead to pathways discontinuity between brain and muscles. Long term connection deficiency leads to habitual movements erasing into the brain. KiNiDEX Technology programs habitual movements all over again. Practical use of the method makes it possible to maximally open the plasticity of the nervous system. This is possible by combining a number of techniques such as: static and dynamic verticalizations; gravitational, gliding and transition CPM; temp and rhythm correction; support function training; active support of passive drive training; active movements training; active movements with pelvic supporting training.

Dr. Luka Therapy is clinically effective method. Our research has shown that practical using of the Kinidex Machine improves basic treatment up to 60%. In the course of our study were evaluated 350 after-stroke patients ongoing standard therapy (pharmacy and physiotherapy). In 182 patients, standard therapy was added by KiNiDEX therapy. Indications of quality target and non-target movements were used as markers of recovery.




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