- WINDSOR displays servo-hydraulic injection moulding machine

After the successful introduction of servo-hydraulic injection moulding machines (IMM) with toggle clamping system, produced by FCS (Fu Chun Shin Group, Tainan, Taiwan), during K 2016, WINDSOR Kunststofftechnologie GmbH, Hanau, Germany, goes one step further. The renowned systems provider presents a servo-hydraulic two-platen IMM with 5000kN clamping force, automated by a CAMPETELLA robot.  Thus, WINDSOR complements its injection moulding offer by adding hydraulic and servo-hydraulic machines.


Joint further developments with FCS: One year ago, Fu Chun Shin Group (FCS), Taiwan, and WINDSOR Kunststofftechnologie GmbH in Hanau, Germany, signed an agreement under which FCS committed to construct and supply hydraulic and servo-hydraulic IMMs according to European standards and specifications as prescribed by WINDSOR. In return, WINDSOR acquires, based on its established sales network developed over 65 years, responsibility for long-term sales, trading, installation, replacement parts supply and service for these 300 to 37,000 kN clamping force IMMs in all EU and EFTA countries. “Both companies agreed to close cooperation in further technical developments of FCS machines, and we have been making good progress since. The technological status of the machine we display during FAKUMA passes the comparison test with European brands,” says Peter Kochs, WINDSOR’s managing director, “and processors who have no resentments towards high-tech injection moulding technology originating in Asia appreciate the impressive price-performance relationship ratio. Keeping an eye on low investment and overall product costs matters to utilize these advantages”.


FCS exhibit: For the first time, FCS and WINDSOR present themselves jointly in hall A7 on stand 7207 during FAKUMA, where they show a new LM-500SV servo-hydraulic two-platen IMM with 500 tonnes (5000 kN) clamping force, 1650 mm space (“daylight”) between the 400 x 800 mm platens, 85 mm screw diameter, 2155 cm³ injection volume, 1920 bar injection pressure, 486cm³/s injection stream/speed and 78kVA electrical power supply rating. Why a two-platen system for this relatively small clamping range? Peter Kochs: “Hall costs are one decisive factor. The more machines I can install on a given space X, the better my ROI: We will offer FCS’s two-platen machines in the smaller and medium clamping range stronger than ever in the EU and EFTA. Their great advantage is the small footprint. This type of machine needs no more than 8455 mm length at a width of 2600mm and a height of 2200mm since the machines work without the relatively long toggle clamping mechanism and lock with rather short hydraulic units. Besides, we fitted the machines with the Austrian B & R control system of latest design.” This IMM offers the processor highly efficient and profitable moulding with low energy consumption for an almost unlimited range of applications in terms of industries and products, while using all conventional polymers, right up to the latest super-performance engineering plastics. It is characterised by high precision and repeatability, high speed, long life, endurance and especially energy efficiency.


Live production: the 500-ton LM-500SV from WINDSOR / FCS produces storage boxes in a single-cavity mould provided by RIVAL (Stockach/Germany). Shot weight is 216 grams in PP, and the boxes measure 370 x 255 x 105 mm (length x width x height) at a wall thickness of 1.5mm. The cycle time is 25 seconds. Material supply is volumetric by a screw-type dosing unit. A CAMPETELLA robot demoulds the boxes and deposits/stacks them on a conveyor belt.

For more information, visit Hall A7, Stand 7207 in FAKUMA [Friedrichshafen, 17th to 21st October 2017]



 WINDSOR servo-hydraulic IMM from FCS




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