- Get on Board: AirHelp launches in-app Boarding Pass Scanner allowing passengers to check flight delay compensation eligibility instantly

Air passengers experiencing delayed or cancelled flights can now check their eligibility for compensation at the airport or on-the-go, and make a claim in a matter of minutes through the free AirHelp mobile app, available for iOS and Android.  




September 2017, Italy - AirHelp [www.airhelp.com], the world’s number one flight delay compensation company, has today launched the world’s first app-operated Boarding Pass Scanner, which automates and takes the hassle out of the compensation claim process for passengers who have experienced a delayed or cancelled flight.

The Boarding Pass Scanner will allow passengers to check their eligibility for flight delay compensation directly from the boarding gate, and will enable them to make a claim instantly. To use this new feature, passengers simply scan the barcode on their boarding pass using their mobile phone’s built-in camera.

This technological advancement comes as a welcome new addition to the free AirHelp app, which is already the world’s most downloaded flight delay compensation app. Not only does it provide passengers with real-time updates on their compensation claim, but the Boarding Pass Scanner allows passengers to add multiple boarding passes at a time, keeping them organised and archived - ideal for families and those travelling in groups. It works seamlessly with the rest of the AirHelp app, which also offers passengers free and independent consumer rights advice, should their flight be delayed, cancelled or overbooked.

This feature marks the second ‘travel tech’ innovation for the company, which is revolutionising the way the compensation industry works. Earlier this year, AirHelp launched Herman, the first Artificial Intelligence-powered lawyer, who was designed specifically to help process claims more efficiently and with more accuracy.

Commenting on the development of the AirHelp app, Lorenzo Asuni,  Country Manager for Italy at AirHelp said: “Technological innovations, like the Boarding Pass Scanner and Herman, are all much-needed steps towards making the compensation claims process for both the consumer, and for us here at AirHelp, as easy and as straight-forward as possible, so we’re delighted to celebrate the launch of this new feature.

“We know that each year, eight million air passengers are entitled to compensation for a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight, but only two per cent will go on to actually file a claim. So, our priority is ensuring passengers are not deterred to claim for what they’re legally entitled to, by giving them the power to file for compensation with just a few clicks of their smartphone.”



  1. AirHelp is the world’s leading flight delays compensation company, helping passengers apply for compensation following a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight. Since the business was founded in 2013, AirHelp has helped more than 3 million travellers process airline compensation claims worth more than 190 million of € in total reimbursement. AirHelp has offices in five cities across Europe, Asia and North America and is available in 30 countries, offering support in 15 languages. The business employs more than 500 employees worldwide.
  1. AirHelp launched its free app in 2014, and is available on iOS and Android. From July is online the Italian version.
  1. Every year two per cent of the eight million passengers entitled to flight disruption compensation will file for the compensation they deserve, resulting in more than 2,5 billion of € in reimbursement being left untouched each year.
  1. The first AI-powered lawyer, Herman, has been developed over the past four years by AirHelp’s global legal team and the best technology engineers. During production, Herman was fed with legal knowledge and experience from thousands of court proceedings in almost 30 jurisdictions. Using Herman will reduce the time taken to process a claim by 1200% and significantly cut costs of the legal service, making it more affordable for those who would have otherwise had to forgo taking legal action.


Source: D.A.G. Communication “Get on Board: AirHelp launches in-app Boarding Pass Scanner allowing passengers to check flight delay compensation eligibility instantly” www.dagcom.com 01 August 2017

Press Contacts: Ms Alessandra Minuz, Ms Giulia Boniello – airhelp@dagcom.com Phone: +39 02 89054156 





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