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SK bioland, founded in 1995 under the philosophy of localization of natural actives that have level of dependence on import, is the only one biotechnology enterprise in SK Group who develops and produces high quality bio Medical/Dental product, medical grade raw material(HA & Collagen) and active ingredients for cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals. In the past 20 years, SK bioland has been leading the market of Medical/Dental and raw material and developing the actives industry based on technical innovation for the health of human beings and better world.

SK bioland, listed on KOSDAQ in 2001, constructed the cutting-edge production system to supply high quality actives by obtaining the certificates of ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, GMP, B-GMP etc, and now is concentrating all efforts of employees to play ‘the key role of SK Group Bio-technology industry’.

Regenerative medicine is the cutting-edge conversion technology that enables to regenerate or substitute the depressed tissues or organs due to ageing, diseases or accidents and recover the function.

SK bioland is No.1 manufacturer in Korea that researches, develops and produces bio medical products for all surgeries and Dentistry utilizing the matrix technology for regenerative effects for the skin and bone regeneration based on the medical biomaterials development technology.

SK bioland has five(5) factories in Cheoan, Osong, Ochang, Ansan, Jeju island in Korea and Haimen in China. Bio material and medical/dental products are produced in Ochang factory that established in 2006. Ochang factory researches and develops main bio materials that compose the human body such as collagen, hyaluronic acid etc and manufactures and sells various products for instance HA Adhesion Barrier, Artificial Skin, Collagen Wound Dressing, Bone Material, Dental Membranes and so on.

Product Line

Hyashield - Adhesion Barrier

- Hyashield is designed to prevent or reduce adhesions that may occur frequently after operation.

- Hyashield is a sterilized, non-pyrogenic, transparent and viscoelastic gel from non-animal source.

- After application of Hyashield, it is slowly degraded and almost completely reabsorbed as non-toxic by-product through enzymatic reactions.

- Indication: Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmologic, Gynecologic, Spine, ENT and general surgery

CollaHeal Plus – Collagen Wound Dressing

  - CollaHeal Plus is made of type I atelo-collagen derived from porcine skin including hyaluronic acid and offers moist condition in the wound and promotes re-epithelialization by helping differentiation and proliferation of epithelial cells.

- Indication: Partial and full thickness wounds, Pressure ulcers, Venous ulcers, Diabetic ulcers, Chronic vascular ulcers, Surgical wounds(donor sites), Trauma wounds(abrasions, lacerations, 2nd degree burns and skin tears)

- Advantages: Enhance healing, Reduce pain, Superior handling and Security



SK bioland operates Five R&D centers and is leading the synergy effect development continuously by the construction of database for health through various R&D actives.The synergy effect between R&D centers formed by construction of R&D network is acting as growth engine of SK bioland for the continuous growth as biotechnology enterprise.

Mission of SK bioland is to create much bigger happiness of customers, employees, shareholders and society. Make people around us happy and SK bioland will become also happy, which is the ultimate value that SK bioland pursues.






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