- Full halls and nearly 13,300 visitors to the 51st edition of Bulmedica / Buldental


Bulgaria's largest medical exhibition Bulmedica / Buldental is now over. The organizers from Inter Expo Center reported 13,287 visitors, concluded transactions and halls full of colorful and rich side-events program.


From 17th to 19th May the halls of the biggest exhibition center in Sofia hosted the medical forum. The latest novelties in the medical and dental branch were demonstrated at Inter Expo Center. Medical products from three continents, more than 250 innovations live, more than 200 direct exhibitors, all of this was attended by the guests at the exhibition.


The forum, which brought together the medical and dental medicine sectors, was accompanied by an extremely extensive side-events program focusing on topical issues, cutting-edge technologies and innovation. Every visitor was able to find the most useful seminar, lecture or course that helped him enrich his professional knowledge.


Bulmedica / Buldental offered its visitors over 250 innovations from 29 countries. The exhibited products came from from Bulgaria, Austria, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Russia, Denmark, China, Luxembourg, Republic of Korea, USA, Slovenia, Sweden, Singapore, Turkey, France,


Bulmedica / Buldental had an extremely useful start by surprising all visitors and especially mothers with babies who received many tips for successful care for the most valuable persons in their lives. The event “A School for Parents” offered numerous awards and professional advice. The main topic was "Mom and Baby -a School for Moms and Moms-to-be ". Three professional lecturers shared how each woman could become a successful and knowledgeable mother. Dr. Vyara Kostadinova - neonatologist from Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital provided many details about the care of the newborn baby. In her turn, the breastfeeding instructor Stefka Tabakova told about the myths and the reality of breastfeeding. Yana Rakovski showed to all visitors gymnastics for babies.



Modern technologies, innovation and topical issues in medicine and dentistry were among the highlights of this year's side-events at Bulmedica / Buldental. The topic of 3D printing in dentistry was discussed during the 2nd Dental Tribune Conference @ Buldental. "Compared to laser treatment, here we need a much shorter time and the process is faster," said the lecturer, dental technician Eva Berghaus from Germany, who introduced to the public the possibilities of 3D printing in dentistry and the materials being developed for this technology. Sharing her experience with Shareprint, she reminded that 3D printers have a liquid photopolymer container and UV light. Depending on their individual needs, laboratories can choose between innovative machines with a variety of capacities.


Volunteers from the national association Diabetes, Pre-diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome also took part in the exhibition. "There are a lot of people, we've only made a break of about 20 minutes, everything is so quite intensive. I like to help people. As a volunteer, I met many of those whom I helped with advice on diabetes risk, " explained volunteer Theodora.


"Our organization helps young diabetics, families with diabetic children, diabetics at risk of developing complications, and diabetics at risk of social exclusion. We aim to find the risk group of people with pre-diabetes at risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity. Our last extremely successful mission was the sports program for people with this disease. It is very important for diabetics to be physically active. At the moment, 90 people in five Bulgarian cities play sport absolutely free, thanks to the company Unicoms, who believed in our idea. Another important moment for the people we help is the psychosocial support - 20 offices throughout the country take care of this task, "said Mariana Alexandrova.


The interesting side-events of Bulmedica / Buldental continued with the scientific conference "2nd Dental Tribune Conference @ Buldental", where the specialists received valuable information and advice in the field of ceramic veneers and onlays during the lecture "Ceramic veneers and onlays. How did the development of materials and techniques change modern prosthetics? "


Visitors to Bulmedica / Buldental were surprised by the volunteers from the Bulgarian Red Cross National Disaster Response Team (NDRT), who demonstrated alpine rescue and transportation of victims with a stretcher.


Dr. Nikola Nikolov from the BRC Department of Management explained what exactly happened at the demonstration. "The Alpine approach to transportation with a stretcher is used by our rescuers in different situations. The last urgent incident that activated our NDRT team was with an injured man in a lift shaft. No one but our team could handle such a problem, "said Dr. Nikolov.


The ultrasound device - the doctor's eye


" Here, we have exhibited a large part of the products we offer," says Galina Dimitrova, Business Development Manager in Medical Express company. At the booth of the company established in 2004, visitors can find new classes of ultrasounds units, diagnostic options, perfusors, general hospital furniture. "The ultrasound is the doctor's eye. Thanks to it, you can make accurate diagnostics ", comments Galina Dimitrova. She points out the new laptop - ultrasound that the company offers; diagnostics can be performed quickly and easily.


Walking around the full halls of Bulmedica / Buldental , many visitors came across a booth that consulted everyone who wished to learn what the overall condition of his body was. The company demonstrated medical devices for low frequency impulse magnetotherapy. Professional body composition analyzers impressed visitors with their quick and accurate assessment of what part of the body represents fats and what part is muscle tissue, intracellular and extracellular water, volume of fluids, minerals and proteins. It is interesting is how the waist-thigh ratio is calculated. This indicator has been able to help everyone understand if there are functional disorders that can lead to illnesses.


Companies and 3D printing


3D printing is becoming more and more popular in modern everyday life. Proof of this is the increase of the number of spheres in which it is applied. It is used in the automotive industry, architectural modeling, sculpture, design, furniture production, and more and more in the field of medicine and dentistry. Proof of this is also the modern 3D printers. "From analog technology, we switch to digital one. The printer, the software and the scanner become an integral part of any modern laboratory, "said Boyan Pehlivanov. The company has offered us 3D printers and scanners as well as specialized software. Thanks to these technologies, we save time, produce a better and cheaper product, while the patients remain more satisfied.


The medical exhibition Bulmedica / Buldental for the fifth consecutive year gave awarded its traditional 5 vouchers, BGN 2000 each. The five lucky winners were drawn by the youngest visitor at the exhibition. With the sum collected from the vouchers, the medical workers can purchase equipment, supplies, consumables, or other products offered by exhibiting companies.

Bulmedica / Buldental has completed another successful year. Within three days, medical professionals and visitors were able to make good business contacts, get the most up-to-date information about the industry, and get acquainted with market trends. Anyone who has not been able to visit this year's exhibition can do so from 16 to 18 May 2018, as a rule of tradition - at Inter Expo Center.




For more information, please keep up with the latest news on www.bulmedica.bg





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